Nesting Service

G0xin provides software service for generating efficient nested layouts, dynamic cost / time / consumption estimates and cnc codes for gas / plasma / laser / waterjet cutting machines for clients in India.

You will be able to use the state-of-the-art features, at a smart price, that suits all Indian pockets. (It should cost 2,000 Rs. per year to a small fabricator and 1 Rs. per nested sheet to the busiest fabricator in the country.) 

Apart from that, the software will automatically organize your data files, so that you can access the desired information quickly, whenever required.

Not sure ? Have a look at the demo and judge for yourself.

(If you are an old user of MOST 2020, please install G0xin on a separate computer.)

Sample output

Print - Page 1

Print - Page 2

Estimate - Page 1

Estimate - Page 2

Estimate - Page 3